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A place for web experimentation and code exploration.

Web Sites

An attempt at a radical CSS design for a GTA5 related review aggregation site.
A search engine that returns a random amazon item based off of search term. I used to own a site specific domain related to this but Amazon confiscated the domain because of usage of the word "Amazon".
A simple javascript-based rummy scorer. Surprisingly, there didn't seem to be a simple/ reasonable scorer online. It works on mobile too.

Games/Game Experimentation

A simple puck high-score chasing game inspired by Hokra. Uses easeljs for rendering.
Card UI
A simple card displaying interface built in easeljs. You can't play anything.
A rectangle-based physics playground built using easeljs.


Coming soon
I have a decent amount of utility scripts that may be useful for other projects. I will release some of them up here. They need documentation.